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Adventure Caving in Waitomo New Zealand

In the Maori language, wai (water) and tomo (hole or shaft) name the small village of Waitomo on the North Island of New Zealand. It has extensive underground cave systems famous for glow-worms that light up the caves. The tour operator in Waitomo, Black Water Rafting, has a variety of tour levels for the cave systems. I was privileged to discover and join the Blackwater River Rafting tour called the Black Abyss, the most extensive tour option (5hrs) they have featuring abseiling down a 35 meter hole, zip lining in the dark, rafting with inner tubes in the cave river, and finally climbing up water fall to get out of the cave. This was quite the magical, exciting and surreal experience.  You just can’t believe you’re there doing these things.  read more

Trip, Travel or Journey?

Trip and travel are terms often used interchangeably. To travel implies getting to an interesting place farther away while a trip can be a short or long timeframe and distance. A journey however brings a sense of adventure along with some new experiences and discoveries, about oneself, and others. The quote on my homepage by Martin Buber, an Austrian Philosopher from the 19th century says “ All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”.