Biking Miraflores and Barranco-Lima

With courtesy of the Selina Miraflores hostel I had a nice 3+hr bike ride around Miraflores and Barranco area of Lima. The weather was perfect at 69 degF and clear blue skies. The cost at the hostel was $8 USD starting at 11:00am. Our guide was Luis and we had introductions for everyone in the group. There was a couple from Tel Aviv and one girl from Queens NY. After getting fitted for our bikes (I got a nice bike with gears) our first stop was at Kennedy Park nearby. Kennedy Park is named after John F Kennedy.

Our tour guide Luis
Kennedy Park

The park is so name after John F. Kennedy’s role with the Alliance for Progress played during mid-century Peru. At Kennedy Park we see a Catholic church, the Virgen Milagrosa Church built in 1939. The park also hosts the Municipal Palace, headquarters of Miraflores’ local government. The Chabuca Granda Amphitheater. There are also smaller squares are where you can find handicrafts and street food.

Lover’s Park
artists along the coastal bike path

Riding along the coastal bike path for a view of the sea at Malecón Cisneros and Love Park, and the Larcomar shopping mall. Keeping a decent biking pace we always had time to stop for picture taking and admiring the views. Along the way we checked out paragliding by the beach where they said they could give us a ride for 270 soles. The hostel asks for 250 soles for this activity. We are seriously thinking about booking this activity.

Barranco district with Bridge of Sighs

End of Bridge of Sighs after holding my breath

We enter the Barranco area of Lima which is a Bohemian artsy district. We stop at the Bridge of Sighs. Our guide Luis tells us that legend has it that if you can hold your breath while walking the full length of the bridge, which is 144-feet (44 meters) long, your wish will come true. I did give this a try successfully, let’s see if my wish comes true!

Our last group photo
Our final group photo

We take another group photo in Barranco. But we have used up our time and need to bike back to the hostel.

My Google Timeline map had us doing about 7 miles for the bike ride.

Lovely day, finishing off with Cusquena red lager and a beef empanada back at the hostel. Then I booked the paragliding activity for May the 4th.

The one site I missed seeing in Lima was La Huaca Pucllana, an incredible Incan pyramid ruins covering a large area in the heart of the city. After looking a pictures of this place I regret not visiting this place.

I welcome your inputs!