Tulum Short Stay and Hostel Mimosa

Arriving to Tulum Centro by ADO bus ($4 from Playa Del Carmen) I walk to the hostel (Mimosa Hostel) with a small bag for a 2 night stay. I did bring my personal 3mm shorty wetsuit.

The hostel is a little over half a mile from the bus station. The stay was $36 USD a night total costs. Tulum can be a bit pricey because it’s so central to the Tulum Ruins, Gran Cenote and many other great cenotes.

After checking into my room I’m given a tour around the facilities. I set my stuff into the large locker the hostel provides. This place is also a hotel with individual rooms as well. After scouting around the hostel grounds and a change into a bathing suit  I sit at the bar for a refreshing welcome Mojito. The staff is super friendly and I have some conversations.

A  dip into into the pool followed by lounging at the pool side. There were some other people that left and the dog must of been waiting for that since he hopped onto a pillow couch. His facial expression had a look of guilty pleasure.

The hostel room is small but I will not spend a lot of time in the room. It is comfortable and there is AC. There were only a few guests at this hotel and I heard various  languages.

Hostel local flora and fauna.

For dinner I take a short walk to a restuarant around the block on the main street. Downtown Tulum is not fancy at all but it has some scattered charming restaurants. I have a light meal at the Casablanca restaurant.

Ko’ox diving and clothing shop

On my main full  day in Tulum I walk over to Ko’ox diving shop. Note that Ko’ox is Mayan for “lets’s begin”. This is where I reserved my dive for “The Pit” cenote. Along the way I do some window shopping.

After my dive and another relaxing evening by the hostel pool I edit my video of the day and have conversations with the staff about my dive experience. They were familiar with many of the local cenotes but were surprised about “The Pit” which was unknown to them. This is probably because it’s strictly an advanced dive only cenote.

The next day I window shop my way back to the ADO bus station. I stop at this restaurant/bar called Encanto just across the street from the bus station. I have a couple hours time which went by fairly quickly hanging out in this bar. There was nice ambient music and the food and drinks were quite good, bistro-like.

The ADO bus was a little late and checking around to ensure you have the correct bus can but a little bit challenging. There were other tourists around looking for the same bus back to Playa Del Carmen.

A one hour ride, the bus is very comfortable, new and with AC and movie (in spanish).  The hostel staff had recommended using a collectivo to get back to Playa Del Carmen with a cost about 30mxn. I already had purchased my return ticket and did like the added comfort of the ADO bus. The ADO bus station in Playa is only 3 blocks from my Airbnb so I’m back ‘home’ quickly.

I welcome your inputs!