James Bond Island By Passion Catamaran

I booked a day tour with Passion Catamaran which included pick-up group tour van from anywhere in Phuket including my hostel stay at Lub D in Patong area. I found it through Viator and the cost was $146 U.S. dollars for the 7 hour tour. Everything you need is included except the alcoholic drinks. The first welcoming alcoholic drink however is free.

Arriving at Ao Pier we begin introducing ourselves to the other passengers while we wait for everyone to arrive. The group maximum is kept at 30 for this catamaran. We have a long but pleasant walk on the boardwalks to the Passion Catamaran. The docks are well kept and rather luxirious. There’s a sense of excitement as you see and approach the catamaran for boarding.

You are provided with assigned table seating, all with an ocean view and wood slat table. The welcome drink is a frozen blue drink. I don’t know what it is but its freshing.

Today is a very nice weather day with clear skies. I couldn’t ask for more with the views and the air temperature. It’s just so blue and heavenly with amazing relaxing view points on the catamaran.

The expression of my face in the selfie provides testament to my enjoyment of this day excursion. It definitely feels like paradise.

Our first excursion from the boat is a kayak tour of the islets. It’s pretty much the same as the one I did on the John Gray kayak tour, The exception being that I’m not the one paddling, we have guides to paddle. So I lay back with a uniquely relaxing viewpoint through the caves and karst pathways.

After the kayaking tour I’m ready for another drink so I purchase something blue with Curacao and coconut.

We have the included lunch prior to reaching James Bond Island.

As you approach James Bond Island you can almost hear the James Bond theme song playing in your head. This is the island where James is piloting a sea plane and lands in the water just up to the beach and is welcomed by ‘Tattoo’ Herve Villachaize in the “Man with the Golden Gun”.

The islands are limestone karst towers and are a part of Ao Phang Nga National Park. 

This is the pinnacle ( Ko Tapu) that has the pop-up solar panel collector for the villain’s (Christoper Lee) laser in the movie. As I wade out in the water to get a closer pic my feet sink into the mud. I’m struggling to get out of the mud and lose one of my sandals. The sandal was totally unrecoverable.

The villains lair.

As we head back to the port we have dinner, then the dance floor opens up with music and lighting.

We arrive back to the Ao port just after the sun set. Then board the tour van back to Patong.

I welcome your inputs!