Pub Street FUN in Siem Reap

One happening touristy pedestrian street night spot in Siem Reap is Pub Street. Lined with restaurants and bars with beers ranging from 50 cents to $2.50 USD. Everything in Siem Reap is priced in USD. Bright lights, loud music, street vending of anything on a stick, and buckets of alcohol, no really, buckets. Backpackers, young, old, everyone visits this street. How long you can hold up along this street is up to you.

But no worry, anytime you want out there’s plenty of guys offering a Tuk Tuk (carriage towed by motorbike) ride out. As you walk down the street they’ll make a twisty clenched hand signal mimicking the cycle throttle. We laugh every time we see this and just shake our heads ‘no’ thanks.

Pub Street- Wednesday Night

Pub Street is a short walk from the Lub D hostel and there are 7 of us, 5 Brits and one girl from San Diego California and myself from ? Austin Texas (having lived there for only 2 months). We venture there the evening of our sunrise temple tour after some relaxation by the pool.

Passing by Valentine’s hearts along the street we see a street vendor selling crispy critters on a stick. I could recognize the scorpion and tarantula immediately. What else was there I couldn’t tell, one on them looked like snake.

Our first bar stop is Temple. This appears to be the main bar on Pub Street. We have a few drinks there and move on.

Next stop is Angkor What? This is where the shots begin after some sharing of buckets of alcohol. The prices are a little bit high compared to what we’ve been paying before but this is the touristy spot.

We chip into buy some shots. I ordered a tequila to introduce them to the Engineers shots I had in Cozumel. You snort the salt and pinch the lime into your eye then down the shot. No takers on this one.

I headed back to the hostel about 2:00am with no worries about any early morning tours.

Pub Street- Saturday Night

One last visit to Pub street on Saturday night, my last night in Siem Reap. There are only 3 of us now, the others we know had departed already.

Walking down the street we spot two guys racing each other down the street in chairs with wheels. We didn’t recognize from which bar these chairs originated. Someone’s having some extra fun.

After much scouting we decided to stop at Banana Leaf, mainly because the girl band sounded pretty good and not for the prices which weren’t very cheap. I get a frozen blue margarita to cool off, at $4.50 usd it’s still low price by comparison to the U.S. We stayed here for awhile just enjoying the band. When they starting singing Radiohead- Creep everyone couldn’t help joining in on that one.

It’s time for some food at Khmer restaurant which still had 50 cents beers after 7pm, most places go up in price after that hour. I ordered some spring rolls to go with the beer for $4.50 usd total.

We had some coupons for free shots and headed over to X Bar for our last stop of the evening. Earlier that day I did the Sunset tour of a floating village and encountered the two girls from Chile I met on that tour now at the X Bar rooftop.

At midnight I tell the others I’m headed back to the hostel since I need to pack and head for the airport in the morning. They also want to call it a night so we all walk back to the hostel.

Pub Street is a fun place and quite enjoyable when you take it in small doses. I was feeling fine the next day and ready to go after breakfast.