Siem reap- lub d hostel stay

Lub D Siem Reap is one of the top 10 hostels accommodations I’ve experienced. It is easily number one for best value for the lowest price at $47.50 for 5 nights. The hostel is in a great location with a short walk to Pub Street. The staff couldn’t be friendlier and the relaxing atmosphere made every guest be just as friendly. There’s a chain of Lub D in Asia and I plan on staying in Lub D in Phuket. Welcome to the new breed of hostel accommodations.

I arrived about 6pm, with a $10 taxi from the airport and about 40min drive time during traffic hour. The first thing you see as you walk in is the marvelous pool which is central to this hostel. Check-in is just beyond the pool next to the game room and the Adventure Travel Co. desk.

There are 4 floors with elevator accessibility. I head to check out my room on floor 3 and place my stuff away. I noticed the entry way has a storage area with large cabinets and hangers for each person. The wall separating the entry way from the beds block out hallway light should people go in/out at night. Someone designed this place specifically for multiple guest comforts.

The women’s bathroom was conveniently nearby and I noticed how clean it was with many amenities such as hair iron, blow dryers, soaps, shampoo, and washer/dryer.

I had requested a bottom bunk since I wanted to be truly relaxed during the night and not have to climb down a ladder to go to the bathroom. As I enter the room I realize that top bunks are just as good with convenient steps rather than a ladder. You have your personal power outlets which is essential and small lockable cabinet.

I’m fairly hungry now and ready to get something to eat, but I’m still exploring my way back to the pool area and cafe via picture taking.

I order some Pad Thai and a Margarita and as I’m enjoying the view and checking that the WiFi is indeed fast. All food service including breakfast is delivered to your table. I notice movie night is about to start and decided to call it a day and just watch the movie. I’m scheduled for the 4:30am sunrise at Angkor Wat tour from the Adventure Travel Co. Pick-up is right at the nearby desk.

After returning from tours I head to the bar by the pool for Happy Hour which becomes a daily habit. The cocktails are from $3.50 to $4.00 USD. Everything in Cambodia is USD dollar preferred and most prices are listed as such.

There’s a breakfast option included or not when you book a room for a small extra fee of $3.00 per day.

After a drink or two by the bar I head for the pool for awhile followed by another drink, typically a beer for $1.25 and a Happy Hour price of 0.75 cents Cambodia draft beer.

The next day after returning to my room I see that someone made up my bed. If you’re ever in Siem Reap I highly recommend this hostel as the place to be. the room temperature is adjustable and everyone seems to agree on 24degC. There are toiletries and other sundries near the desk for purchase. You can book Tuk Tuks right there, there’s always someone there ready to go. Bicycles and mopeds are also available for rental. The location is a short walk to Pub Street which is the touristy happening place at nights after a day of touring.