Queenstown- New Zealand

I arrive at the Queenstown airport via Air New Zealand from Auckland just after 2pm. Exiting the plane was via the rear ramp onto the tarmac. I see this jagged mountain ridge line with just a bit of snow still remaining at the top peak. I already feel this place is going to be awesome!

I call for an Uber rather than take the bus (I’m feeling like a quick ride today) to get to Nomads Queenstown Hostel in downtown Queenstown. You need to step outside the airport to 31 Lucas Place for an Uber pick-up.

The ride had stunning views on the road from the airport that hugs the lakeside of of lake Wakatipu. Half-way I realize my little world travel plush bunny is not in my purse. I have the Uber driver turn round and I see my bunny on the sidewalk at 31 Lucas Place. This bunny has been with me around the world and I didn’t want to lose this little icon. Luckily the drive only charged a little extra for the turn-around of $6.

I’ve been in my fare share of comfy and ‘poshy’ hostels throughout the world but this one does it for a really good price of $26 USD a night. The dorm rooms have balconies with great views. It looks more like a hotel rather than a hostel. It’s the new breed of posh hostels that are increasing around the world. Some are hotels but have dorm rooms as well.

This hostel had a pre-check in online which I did, so all I needed was the room number. The room is by keypad number which means no worrying about carrying your key or card with you (and losing it!). I get my bag and setup my bed choice (bottom bunk) then scramble back out to get a look at this town. I head straight for the lake which is only one block away.

The water is clear and blue. I tested the water temp with my hand, it’s chilly at 10degC or 55-57degF. There’s so much to see around the lake.

I spot this floating bar Perkey’s which serves alcohol but it’s BYOF (bring your own food). This makes a nice low cost place to relax and enjoy the view. The house wine or beer is $8 NZ which is about $5.30 USD

Charming eateries around town. It’s quite the touristy place with many souvenir shops but it’s still a cute and fun place to be. It’s also a hub of adventure tours, I have a few tours lined up. Checking the alleys and pedestrian streets I realize that my hostel is right above the Below Zero Ice Bar.